Local Business Local People

Local residents will support our members over non member businesses. Plus;

  • Mass local advertising and online presence.
  • Free access to future products apps and services.
  • Employee PreBit incentive.
  • Opportunity for inclusion in future business startups and acquisitions.

Business membership is only £10 per employee per month.

Paid by the business as an employee incentive or out of employee wages who are willing to support the business.

Members fees are used to target Britain`s major industry. Acquiring, and starting businesses for the people.

We will create and secure jobs, supporting local small business, tradesmen and charities.

PreBit Services

Free investment tokens are earned through a variety of activities. From simply signing up through to supporting local communities, businesses and tradesmen.

Yes, in order to receive free investment tokens registration is necessary.

Yes. Your data is secure and we only communicate with strict instructions from yourself.

PreBit tokens can be used at participating member outlets or saved as personal investment.

Local businesses and tradesmen membership fees fund the start up, growth and acquisition of British companies and innovation.

No, Everyone registering using your invitation link will instantly earn yourself further free investment tokens.

People Profit
Credma UK owns a minimum of 80% of all businesses under the people profit program. The executive team and employees for each business own remaining equity.
75% of all post tax profits will acquire PreBit tokens that are distributed to the people through incentive schemes for supporting local small business and tradesman members.